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War of words in Waikato

Published: 5:41PM Wednesday December 05, 2007 Source: Newstalk ZB

Controversy has erupted in the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic franchise after Netball Waikato asked the board of the Magic to resign.

It follows Netball Waikato's displeasure with delays over conducting an independent review into the operations of the Magic.

Netball Waikato president Maureen Russell says they believed that the move into next year's Tasman Trophy warranted undertaking a review of the franchise.

She says they proceeded with the review and felt that concerns were raised that needed to be dealt with.

Russell added they've had no reciprocation from the Magic board, who did not want to be involved in a review, while Netball Bay of Plenty was happy with the way the Magic was run.

Netball Waikato also claims the sport is being bullied by Magic board members with vested interests in Waikato Rugby.