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Tue Dec 5: Fiji Coupl; Jayden Headley; Fire Trucks

Bainimarama Announces Coup 
It's been a dramatic day in Fiji. The coup is underway, the Prime Minister says he's under house arrest and Parliament appears to have been dissolved. While the President says he doesn't condone what the military has done, he hasn't stopped it. The result is that the democratically elected government of Laisenia Qarase has finally been rolled. We have exclusive access to military strongman Frank Bainimarama's news conference in Suva. Plus we get Helen Clark's reaction to the conference immediately after.

Where is Jayden?
It's been six weeks since Hamilton mum Kay Skelton was locked up for refusing to tell a judge where her kidnapped son was in hiding. Six year old Jayden Headley was abducted more than three months ago and is believed to be in hiding with his 68 year old grandfather Dick Headley. Tomorrow Kay Skelton takes her case to the Supreme Court in a bid to secure her release. But there seems to be no sign of Jayden, or Dick. Last week Close Up received an anonymous letter which pointed to a spot outside Dargaville where Jayden and Dick Headley were staying. The anonymous informant said they had already given the same information to police but police hadn't located the pair. Sofia Wenborn joined three private investigators on the hunt for Jayden Headley.

Fire Trucks
Red is a colour we associate with danger and urgency and it's the colour we paint our fire engines. But is that a mistake? Red is one of the most difficult colours for the human eye to see, particularly at night. At first blush the colour of a fire engine may seem a trivial matter but it's anything but. High visibility in hazardous situations is something fire fighters take extremely seriously, after all it can be a life and death issue. John Sellwood looks at the science of red.