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Tuesday October 31

Published: 10:50AM Tuesday October 31, 2006

Breakfast spoke to Greens co-leader Russel Norman about the release in the United Kingdom of the treasury commissioned Stern report, which can be found here

This morning, Breakfast spoke to costume fitter Andy Dickson about the trends in costumes for Halloween this year.

Cath Wallace is a Senior Lecturer in Economics & Public Policy at Victoria University's School of Government. She spoke to Breakfast about the potential economic costs of green taxes being applied in New Zealand's export markets.

Reporter Rebekah Cashen met some inspiration South Auckland teenagers who are fighting obesity by introducing healthy eating and physical activity into their lives, homes and communities as part of the highly successful Living 4 Life programme.

This morning on Breakfast music reviewer Francesca Rudkin looked at the new album 'Rudebox' from pop star Robbie Williams.

The Consumers' Institute have recently conducted an internet service providers survey, looking specifically at broadband. David Russell spoke to Breakfast about the results.

The infamous underarm bowling incident may have been no laughing matter twenty years ago, but now it's the subject of a new comedy showing in Wellington. Reporter Arrun Soma met the creators and looked back at the incident that changed Trans-Tasman sporting relations.

The American Field Service - or AFS - holds its World Congress in Rotorua this week. Breakfast talked to international president of AFS Tachi Cazal and New Zealand "returnee" Melissa Gillingham about the organisation and its aims.

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