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Mon July 24: McCain and the Man; Doing the Crime; Foxton Fizz

Published: 7:39PM Monday July 24, 2006

McCain and the Man
Foreign Minister Winston Peters says the media got it wrong when they asked too many questions during his time with Senator John McCain in the US. Today he called a press conference and challenged the media to play the full tape of the session, which Close Up does this evening. Then Susan Wood talks to Mr Peters about his visit and his rebuke of journalists.

Doing the Crime
With around 7610 prisoners currently inside, the government is always on the look out for ways to keep crime down and people out of prison. Two eminent visiting criminologists have their own theories about prison as a punishment. Professor Julian Roberts from Oxford University and Professor Mike Hough from Kings College London say criminals should be sentenced less often for less time. They plan to present their evidence to New Zealand's Justice Department and talk to Susan Wood about their thinking.

Foxton Fizz
A group of 10 Wellington friends has taken an iconic Foxton fizz factory, that makes the kind of soft drinks we all remember from our childhood. Corinne Ambler meets the man putting the bubbles back into a small North Island town.