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Thur Feb 9: Robert Hewitt; GPS; Julian Robertson; George Clooney

Robert Hewitt
Yesterday we were all marvelling at the incredible rescue of Robert Hewitt. After floating alone for more than three days, 38-year-old Robert was hauled from the water off Mana Island by relieved police searchers and navy divers. Instead of preparing for a Tangi his relieved family is now celebrating the remarkable. Today Robert was released from hospital. Mark Sainsbury was at the news conference.

GPS Treasure Hunt
Global Positioning System, that hand-held and handy device for anyone wanting to navigate the world in the 21st century. It's used by taxi drivers, fishermen, pilots, trampers and now, treasure hunters. In GPS jargon treasure hunters are called Geocachers and throughout New Zealand and around the world cachers are searching for containers, purposely hidden in parks, forests and suburbia. In fact there could be one hidden near your place. Those  container, or caches as they're called, don't contain much. Sometimes a key ring or a funny fridge magnet but it's the thrill of the find that makes this game so addictive. It's hi-tech hide and seek for big kids as well as  small. Jendy Harper went searching.

Julian Robertson
He's caused the odd bit of controversy here over the years. He's the American billionaire who's spent a fair share of his fortune in these parts. He has property and golf courses at Cape Kidnappers in Hawkes Bay and Kauri Cliffs in the Far North. He was dragged somewhat unceremoniously into a pre-election row over political party donations. Labour accused him of bankrolling the National Party. Then somewhat embarrassingly for them it turned out he'd been helping his local MP, a Labour one. But what might puzzle most is his amazing generosity to the arts here. It was for this reason Susan Wood had the pleasure of meeting Julian Robertson at the Auckland Art Gallery . He and his wife Josie have lent 14 pieces from their own private collection.

George Clooney
The Oscars won't be handed out until March, but already it looks set to be the George Clooney show. He's up for three Academy Awards for "Good Night and Good Luck," which he directed and co-wrote and is also a nominee for Best Supporting Actor in the movie Syriana . Clooney, who's not exactly shy politically, was also the Executive Producer of Syriana. It's a film about America's oil policy and role in the internal affairs of foreign nations. Sal Morgan caught up with the man once dubbed the 'Sexiest Man Alive'.