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Thu Jul 14: MeNZB show

Published: 6:26PM Thursday July 14, 2005

Norwegian Vaccine
One of the issues raised by those concerned about the New Zealand MeNZB vaccine is why it didn't go through Phase III trials in Norway. Reporter Lisa Owen traces the origin of the vaccine being used here, and talks to those who helped develop it. 

A Family and a Politician
The Reid family in Auckland has three children who have all had their first jabs. But they aren't so sure whether they will let them have any more. We find out why and whether they'll change their mind.
Plus Tariana Turia - she has revealed two of her grandchildren will not have the vaccine. Bryan Seymour asks why not.

Your Questions Answered
Dr Jane O'Hallahan from the Ministry of Health, Dr Nikki Turner from IMAC and Ron Law answer your questions about the MeNZB vaccine.

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