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Sunday: November 25, 2007

Published: 3:15PM Thursday November 22, 2007

Rags to Ruin
Crawford hit the headlines in 1995 when he won the Benson & Hedges supreme fashion award. Lately, he has been in the news for all the wong reasons.  Crawford was found guilty of cultivating and selling cannabis - the verdict has ended the high-flying designer's fashion dream. His career is in tatters. His fashion label, Insidious Fix, has been closed down. It is a rags to ruin story. So why did he risk it all? Crawford never gave evidence in his trial, but he spoke exclusively to Sunday several months after his arrest.

State of Taxes
They earn a third more for doing the same job, they pay much less tax and the sun shines brighter. That's why each year 40-thousand New Zealanders migrate across the Tasman in search of a better life. How can we bridge the wage and tax gap and what would it take to keep New Zealanders in New Zealand?

Shaw Thing

Just when we were getting over the All Blacks and were beginning to forget the agony of the World Cup, the wound has re-opened. Talented young New Zealand documentary filmmaker Julian Shaw watched New Zealanders watching the All Blacks fail. The film is a telling insight into our national obsession and psyche.

*Julian's debut feature, a documentary entitled Darling! The Pieter-Dirk Uys Story screened at this year's NZ Documentary Film Festival. In the festival competition it won Best New Zealand Medium Documentary and Shaw won Best Emerging Filmmaker.

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