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Sunday: October 28, 2007

Published: 4:23PM Friday October 26, 2007

Talking Tough
Don't tangle with the Tuhoe, or the fear of violence could become a reality. That's the warning from a tribe which claims that it's been wrongly branded as a hotbed of terrorist conspiracy. There are no bombs, no military weapons - but the Tuhoe say they'll take up arms to defend their right to live as they please, as a country within a country.

Bad Blood
An eighteen-month-long undercover investigation into the brutal world of dogfighting. It's a bloodsport banned since the 19th century, but the bloodlust goes largely unchecked. The investigation uncovers the network of criminal gangs who supply illegal pitbull terriers for fighting and entertainment.

Lap of Luxury
Sundat takes a rare look inside Blanket Bay, one of NZ's most exclusive luxury lodges. You don't have to be rich and famous to stay there, but it helps. Sunday talks to the people who spend the big bucks to enjoy the food and the splendid isolation, and meet the chef with an international reputation who keeps them happy and coming back.

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