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Mon 1 Oct: In the pink; Mobsters mop up; Daniel Radcliffe; The next chapter

Published: 7:06PM Monday October 01, 2007

The Next Chapter
Louise Nicholas has been vilified, called a liar and brushed aside - but she never backed down. Mrs Nicholas went public over allegations she was raped and abused by serving police officers in the 1980s. Among those charged with rape was Assistant Commissioner of Police, Clint Rickards, who stood trial alongside former officers Brad Shipton and Bob Schollum. The trio was acquitted although Shipton and Schollum are serving prison time for the pack rape of another young woman. Mrs Nicholas gave evidence seven times in trials hearing her complaints and those of other women. The final case ended with the conviction of ex-CIB boss John Dewar for earlier covering up her rape allegations. But it's still not over. Rickards and Dewar have accused her of perjury. Louise Nicholas has her final say in a book co-written with journalist Phil Kitchen. They discuss their new book.

Mobster Mops Up
Anaru Moke doesn't fit the stereotypical caretaker image. He's a Mongrel Mob member sporting the tattoos, patch and staunch appearance associated with a mobster. But he's responsible for cleaning up a block of state housing flats where he lives in Lower Hutt. Corrine Ambler surveys his work and finds Housing New Zealand is so impressed by the father-of-ten's efforts that they've put him on the payroll.
Daniel Radcliffe
At the movie box office there's nothing hotter than Potter - Harry Potter that is. English actor Daniel Radcliffe has grown up before our eyes playing the boy wizard. Now he's playing another orphan in the small budget film December Boys, set in 1960's Australia. But there's a difference with this orphan character - he gets loved up with his co-star. Radcliffe on his first ever love scene.

In the Pink
How many people does it take to change the lightbulbs to turn the Sky Tower pink? We look at preparations to light up the Auckland landmark for Breast Cancer Awareness Month - part of a worldwide campaign that will also feature the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Empire State Building - and check out the result.

Some good news. A sharp-eyed viewer caught a glimpse of a pony resembling Tim and he was on the button. Tasha and Malcolm have been to Cambridge to collect him and he's safe at home. But still no sign of his paddock-mate Flick.