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Tue May 1: Key players discuss smacking; Open source and you

Published: 7:38PM Tuesday May 01, 2007

Debating the Right to Smack
Mark Sainsbury discusses Sue Bradford's private member's bill to repeal section 59  with her and supporter Hone Harwaria of the Maori Party, plus two opponents - father of four Simon Barnett and anti-bill petition organiser Larry Baldock .

ONLINE SMACKING SURVEY: To take part in the survey run by the Buzz Channel click HERE

Democratic Technology
It has the geeky name of Open Source but it's a concept you're going to need to know about. It started in computer programming in the 70s and 80s when, rather than making software copy-protected like Microsoft does, open source software is given away freely. Software developers then make their money by getting a big database of users and selling them complementary products. If people want to tinker with Open Source software then they can go right ahead. Which is all very interesting if you're a computer programmer. But as Damian Christie found out, the idea of Open Source is now spreading - and it's changing everything from encyclopaedias to the media to Hollywood films.

OPEN SOURCE CHALLENGE: Damian's story is now on the website and its footage is downloadable so viewers can repackage it and submit it "Open Source-style" to Close Up. We'll put the best versions online. Click HERE to read about the challenge.

Not-so-wise Oracle
The highly rated American Oracle team weren't so wise today when they put their B-team on board in the Louis Vuitton racing up against the Chinese who went on to sail away with a victory. Rawdon Christie recaps the day.