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They said what?

So, the adventures of Amy, Britta, Cody and Kevin continue every Thursday on TV2 at 8.30pm as they try to pursue their dreams of getting rich, famous, married and erm, a new sports wheel.

But GO GIRLS is proving to be a hit among critics as well as TV2 viewers.

The New Zealand Herald says "what really brings it together is the real chemistry between the four friends, even at this early stage. And such silly elements as Britta's pink-cardy granny groupies."

Reviewer Frances Grant goes on to say "It looks good for a laugh provided by a set of appealing Shore girl characters."

And the praise for the new show doesn't stop there.

On the Throng website, the reviewer says "If the pilot is anything to go by then the writing team of Gavin Strawhan, Kate McDermott and Rachel Lang may have penned what could well become the next big thing to dominate the Qantas TV Awards."

On Ana Samways' blog she praises the central concept for the show - and its reality, saying "Although ALAC wouldnt agree, I thought it was kind of refreshing to see shots being knocked back and wine glass being clutched throughout, without suggesting rabid alcoholism."

She adds: "But what I like most about Go Girls is that it's about a group of young women friends who arent bitches. And who aren't obscenely rich or impossibly beautiful"

And the fact it's New Zealand made has seen it garner praise too - Ana Samways adds: "Good New Zealand content is so much more engaging than your American or British dramas. The local references are a treat (the wedding band singing The Mockers Forever Tuesday Morning, Rangitoto gratuitously taking pride of place in the background)."

The Sunday Star Times says: " The key to this show's success is taking a subtle line, not turning North Shore life into a cliche filled with polo shirts and boy racers."

The review further adds : "It's the scripts that make it - more productions of this calibre please."

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Go Girls is on TV2, every Thursday at 8.30pm

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