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Bye Ben!

Our first NZ Idol, Ben, has been eliminated from Pop's Ulitmate Star.

In the first Sunday elimination show Ben and Emily sang head to head in the elimination challenge.

Here's how the night panned out:

After a group song, the judges said who at this stage they thought would be going home. Jordan said he was looking forward to Matt performing like he hasn't before. Peter thought perhaps Emily, that although it had been said she had one of the best voices in the competition, she should work on her stage persona. Kim said she was sick of seeing Nik in the bottom two and Harry wondered how David would fear if he was in the bottom two.

First up was Nik with U2's Beautiful Day. Jordan said it was a tricky song, but a controlled performance, "perhaps too controlled. I didn't get that feeling of euphoria." Peter said after a shaky start "finally we saw into the secret world of Nik Carlson".

Then it was Matt's turn with Heart of the Matter. Kim said it was a spiritual performance. "You were in the moment." And Harry said the song had a high degree of difficulty. "Real good job."

Emily was next with Smile from Lily Allen. Harry said she gave it a good shot. "That was a real crowd pleaser." Jordan said he was impressed with the way she kept on sitting down and standing up, and Peter said she put a smile on a lot of faces.

Then David was up with Waiting on a World. Peter said overall "great. Your Dad would be proud of you." Kim said she was going to dub him "most improved player". Jordan said "week in, week out, you've been very consistent".

Joe was next with Christina Aguilera's Beautiful. Jordan said it was a womanly performance. Kim said it was "elegant and princess-like". Peter said he "loved the way you are in touch with your emotions".

Then it was Ben's turn with Opshop's Maybe. Harry said it was the most energetic performance we've had from him the whole series. Jordan said "good one man". Kim said he showed us his versatility.

And then the voting lines were closed - and it was announced it's Ben versus Emily for the elimination.

In the elimination challenge Ben sang Sexy Love. Peter said he was fully committed to it and appeared to enjoy it, but "didn't know whether it had the X-factor yet". Kim said she wasn't sure it was the strongest song choice, and Harry said it could have been a performance in the final.

Emily sang How Come You Don't Call Me. Kim said "monster! Monster song choice, monster talent, monster performance!" Jordan said he wondered whether the Lily Allen song choice was the reason why Emily was in the bottom two, but said he loved the way Emily worked with the band. Harry said it was "dynamite", and Peter said "you were in a happy place, well done".

Harry said "neither of you deserve to be in this position. Both of you have delievered outstanding performances over the weeks."

Peter said he wanted to make it clear it wasn't a unanimous decision. Then Jordan delivered the news: Emily was staying, so it's goodbye to Ben.

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