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Twilight: New Moon gets NZ release date

By by's Darren Bevan

Published: 4:00PM Thursday February 26, 2009



You may have heard of it.

It's picked off more than $3.4 million at the New Zealand box office - and is still in the Top 10 8 weeks after its initial release. (Read the latest box office reports here.)

And of course, you will have read about the various issues on the sequel New Moon - new director , then of course, problems with cast , possibly hiring Vanessa Hudgens and Dakota Fanning .

Well, ahead of the DVD release in April, TV2 Movies has some good news for you.

A release date's been set for New Moon in New Zealand.

So, Twihards, mark this date in your calendar.

November the 19th, 2009.

Because that's when Bella, Edward, Jacob and the gang will be back on the big screen.

America has a release date of November the 20th, 2009 - so with the time difference you'll get to see it before the American market.

So, not a bad week for Twilight then - what with all the news about the third film, Eclipse - read all about that here!

So what do you think of that?

Tell us on our TWILIGHT Messageboard below....



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  • nesian said on 2010-03-12 @ 20:46 NZDT: Report abusive post

    I am a Twilight Addict for sure! I am Team Jakeward all the way, lol. I reckon Eclipse should be the best version of all for movies... but the books kick butt much more! But if you've read the books, I don't think it matters at all whether this one will live up to expectations, cause the stories have already captured our hearts!

  • becvault said on 2010-02-08 @ 17:45 NZDT: Report abusive post

    im totally addictive to the twilight sequals. i love Edward!!! breaking dawn would be better in to movies so thay can make the movies more detalled. Cant wait for elipse and breakingdawn to come out!!!

  • RetroTakeover said on 2010-01-13 @ 08:21 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Well what can I say, I am a total Twilight addict! I love the two films so far- but love the books a whole lot more! They NEED to make Breaking Dawn into 2 films. There are just sooo many amazing parts to it that so many [important] things will end up getting missed out! It is kinda essential that it's made into two films! Please, make two films!

  • Princess_Starlet said on 2010-01-13 @ 00:49 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Well breaking dawn

  • Twilight luva said on 2009-11-16 @ 20:02 NZDT: Report abusive post

    I ahve to say that Jacob is who I would go with because of his looks but he hasn't got the personality that Edward has. If I were Bella and Jacob had the personality of Edward you would have the best guy in the world!!