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Intrepid Journeys will return
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Returning Friday 31 July at 7.30pm

It's quite a challenge to keep bettering the intriguing and exotic locations for TV ONE's hit travel show Intrepid Journeys but the new series is heading well off the beaten track, to spots like the Rwandan jungle, and to places some would never consider visiting under any circumstances, like Chernobyl, the site of the world's worst nuclear reactor melt down. 

In the first show we visit the Ukraine, home to the leaking and still radiating Chernobyl reactor. Who would be brave enough to play tourist in such a global "hot" spot? 

Veteran Broadcaster Kevin Milne was keen to take it on.  Having had a major health scare with his heart Milne decided challenge, both mental and physical, is just what the doctor ordered. 

His two weeks in the Ukraine were snow-clad, steeped in mysterious cultural ceremonies and culminated in a visit to the ghost town that is Chernobyl.

The series has some far-flung adventures lined up in the weeks ahead.   

Rhys Darby, star of Flight Of The Concords, talks to the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda's jungle, calling it a deeply moving experience.  
Netball hot shot Temepara George finds India's Darjeeling region is full of sights, sounds and tastes that pack a hell of a punch and she doesn't even touch a cup of their world-famous tea.  Judy Bailey ends up working as a farm hand on her journey through Argentina and Brazil. 

Musician Anika Moa invites herself to a wedding in Guatemala and toasts the country with many tequilas. Pithy "Dancing With The Stars" judge, Brendan Cole hot foots it to Vanuatu to live in almost stone-age conditions and finds the facilities and hygiene not at all to his liking and Rugby League legend Ruben Wiki volunteers himself on landmine destruction duty in Laos. 

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