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ONE News Colmar Brunton Poll: Sept 2006

Published: 6:37PM Sunday September 24, 2006 Source: One News

Despite allegations National leader Don Brash got too close to an Auckland business woman, and too close to the Exclusive Brethren, his party has opened up a big lead in the latest One News Colmar Brunton poll.

National's poll rating has rocketed by 4% to 49%, while Labour's vote has dived by five percentage points to 38%.

The Green party has seen its vote double to 6% and the Maori party remains steady on 3%. 

None of the other parties made it past 1%.

So how did the leaders of the major parties faring in the ratings?

Helen Clark escaped relatively unscathed down just 1% to 36%. Brash, on the other hand, has climbed despite the drama about his personal life and is now up three percentage points to 18%.

There has been no change for National's John Key, still on 8%, and Winston Peters also remains steady on 4%.

Managing political trouble has been the hallmark of the Labour-led government but when it comes to how the government is performing, it is getting the thumbs down.

Approval is down six percentage points to 38%, and the number who disapprove has climbed 8% to nearly half of all voters.

With unemployment at record lows, voters are not switching off for economic reasons, in fact our view of the economy is actually improving. Optimism is up 2% to 27% and the number who are pessimistic drops back to 46%.

But that is little comfort for Labour who may now need a stint on the comeback trail.