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Kiwis developing Jackass video game

Published: 8:25PM Friday June 30, 2006 Source: Close Up

Don't be fooled by the nerdy stereotype.

Kiwi video game developers Sidhe Interactive is succeeding in one of the toughest business environments in the world.

After nearly a decade putting in the long hours, the Wellington company has finally got their big break, it has been chosen to bring to life the notorious amateur stunts of the American show Jackass.

Stuart Middleton, Mario Wynands and Tyrone McAuley formed Sidhe Interactive in 1997.

They built their company from the ground up, tackling the established giants head on in an industry that is bigger than Hollywood.

Over the years they have built a solid reputation developing a variety of franchise games, everything from Barbie Beach Vacation to their popular rugby league series.

Last year they released their first independent game.

Gripshift was an original idea for a game they had a few years ago and was the company's first opportunity to release an original game onto the market,

"It's been a really great boost for the team internally to make a game which is truly home grown, enormous sense of pride," says Tyrone.

Gripshift was well received and now the trio have won the contract to make the video game version of hit TV show and movie Jackass.

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