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Sunday at 1pm | TV ONE

About Here to Stay

Michele A'Court on Here To Stay

Sunday at 1pm

Bugman Ruud Kleinpaste goes in search of Kiwis-in-clogs. Ruud looks at the Dutch reputation for bluntness, hard work and thrift, and the permanent mark they have made on New Zealand.
About Here To Stay 

What happens when you combine a wog, two Niueans and an entomologist?

You get the second series of the energetic documentary series Here To Stay, exploring the surprising ways our heritage has shaped the Kiwi character.

From different countries around the world, six more well known Kiwis uncover the mix of values, personalities and tempers their own ancestors brought to this country. What are the secret ingredients of being Kiwi?

Following on from the successful first series, the new Here To Stay line-up includes self-confessed wogs, frogs and clogs.

Actor Madeleine Sami finds many surprising things about the Indian influence in NZ, taking on the challenge of reconciling her Irish Catholic, Fijian Indian heritage. She discovers she's not so good at hockey, pretty good at curry, and that despite the history of racism, the Indian story leads to fourth generation Sikh farmers in the heartland of the Waikato.

The infamous Bugman, Ruud Kleinpaste, digs deeply into tales of Dutch pragmatism and straight-talking. The famous competitiveness of sports stars Dick Quax, Eric Verdonk and Yvonne Willering are showcased with pea soup and body-painting, and the hard questions asked. Do the Dutch have short arms and deep pockets?

Comedian Michele A'Court takes a spotlight to history of the French, and the race to colonise the Pacific that might have given us a different flag. All that Gallic flair, the founding of Jerusalem, the soup kitchens and Michelin stars that the French have brought - is there a fine-line between arrogance and confidence? Where do the Kiwi French ('wiwi' in Maori) sit on the scale? Is that c'est magnifique?

Self-described 'half-wog' Paolo Rotondo takes his own Italian zeal to the complex tales of Italian fishermen, soldiers and farmers. Star of films The Ugly and Stickmen, and tv dramas Shortland St and Insider's Guide To Happiness Paolo ponders how well the passionate Mediteranean character fitted into dour, Anglo centric New Zealand? Have they learned to be mates, and stop relying on their mums? If an Italian man is judged by how much he can cry, is Paolo man or kiwi?

Actor, singer, comedian, presenter Stephanie Tauevihi has a surprising skeleton in the cupboard of her past. Despite her Niuean name and looks, her family is half Danish. On a pilgrimage to discover how the Scandinavians have fared on the other side of the world, she explores a hidden side of her character. Sure, she's starred on Shortland St, but would she make a good troll?

And Naked Samoan (also Niuean) Shimpal Lelisi gets the most colourful assignment of the year, tracing the influence that the Pacific Islanders have had in (what is now) the capital of Polynesia. A star of Bro'Town and Sione's Wedding, Shimpal connects the Polynesian Panthers to Dawn Raid.

They say you don't know where you are going until you know where you've been.

The fascinating journeys in Here To Stay prove that point.