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Mon 24 Nov: Kiwis; Supermarket; Shrek

Published: 3:57PM Monday November 24, 2008

While we've been celebrating the Kiwis' momentous World Cup upset, the Aussies seem to be upset about it all. It's fair to say the Kangaroos were shocked at being pipped. So shocked in fact, they lost their manners and were less than sporting in their comments post-match on Saturday night. But behind the scenes it was worse. It's said Aussie coach Ricky Stewart launched a verbal tirade, attacking the ARL Chief Executive and blaming tournament organisers for his team's loss. Close Up looks back at Saturday's highlights and lowlights.

The celebrating has been going on since the win on Saturday night and Mark caught up with the boys just before they flew out of Brisbane.  And that's a lot of celebrating, which meant it was down to Nathan Cayless, the victorious skipper, to front for very tired and worn out Kiwis.

Also a live interview with coach Steve Kearney in Melbourne and with the silverware Team Manager Gordy Gibbons.  As well as the NZ League's most loyal supporter, the Mad Butcher.

One of our two big supermarket players, Foodstuffs, wants to open a new Pak 'N Save on Auckland's North Shore. Fierce rival Australian owned Progressive Enterprises is not so happy about that, so as is its right, it sought intervention to stop the development in Wairau Valley. But there's a history to all this that is quite astonishing - and it has a lot to do with the Resource Management Act, which, if invoked in certain cases, can stall some projects for years, if not decades. Michael Holland with a supermarket saga that defies belief.

When a renegade hermit sheep was discovered in the Central Otago high country, having evaded people - and more importantly, the shearers' blades - for six years, the wooly mammoth's story went global. All around the world, people tuned in to witness "Shrek" being shorn back in 2004, as the merino became a unique overnight celebrity. He has been shorn since of course, on an iceberg off the coast of Dunedin.  In his last big outing before retirement, Shrek flew to Auckland for what is likely to be his final fleecing. Matt Chisholm caught up with Shrek and his entourage at the weekend as country came to town for charity.