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Kay Gregory

Published: 11:23AM Friday December 24, 2004

Kay Gregory has co-hosted Breakfast alongside Paul Henry since 2005.

Kay has a long and happy history with Breakfast being part of the start up team back in 1997.

Before landing the hosting role Kay  proved  to be one of the most popular journalists and presenters in the ONE News stable.

Kay Gregory's television career started in 1994 when she became a newsreader and current affairs host for regional channel Coast to Coast in Hamilton.

In 1996 Gregory joined TVNZ as a reporter, part of the inaugural Breakfast team.  She then became a ONE News reporter, a position she held for five years. During this time she reported from the Solomon Islands and also from post-coup Fiji.

Gregory held the full-time position of ONE News weather presenter for three years prior to joining Breakfast.

"Breakfast is my dream job.  My highlight and biggest challenge so far was co-hosting two programmes from London last year," says Gregory.

"The Breakfast team is a delight to work with, they are a small and determined bunch who do remarkable things, many of which will never make it to air."


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