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Wed 8 Oct: Shower power; Tax cuts; Millionaire contestant

Published: 4:20PM Wednesday October 08, 2008

Shower Power
It has been a week of doom and gloom on the economic front, which perhaps makes life's little luxuries all the more important. So if you consider a steaming hot power shower one of life's treats then prepare yourself for a shock. The power of the Kiwi shower is about to be slashed, in some cases by up to two-thirds, as the government regulates to reduce water and energy use. The changes are due to come into effect early next year and will restrict the power of your shower if you're building a new home or changing your current bathroom. John Sellwood seeks out those in a lather and then an interview with Greens co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons.

Tax Cuts
John Key has announced National's tax cuts, effectively an extra $18 a week in the hand. Mark Sainsbury spoke to Mr Key and began by asking him whether, because National was funding their tax cuts by cutting back on KiwiSaver does that mean National is giving voters money to spend and Labour was giving them money to save.

Millionaire Contestant

A Wellington woman who says she's not brainy has won the largest cash prize in New Zealand television history. Thirty five year-old Kristin Castle missed out on the top prize on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but still won the hearts of the nation in her two weeks on the show. She says all you need to play is a good memory, and as Corinne Ambler reports, she's giving most of her winnings away.