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Tue 30 Sep: Markets crash; Real estate; Mums; Fleur's

Published: 6:58PM Tuesday September 30, 2008

Markets crash
Global market observers are likening the current US financial crisis to the events that led to the Great Depression. Overnight, the Dow Jones posted its largest point decline ever following Congress' refusal to back the government's bailout plan. It all sounds pretty serious in America, but how does this affect us? Are we insulated from the global turmoil? Mark talks to Economist Gareth Morgan and Bernard Hickey editor of

Being a stay at home Mum may have been a luxury of the past, but it appears to be making a comeback as working Mums, Grandmas and even those on the DPB realise they can still make stacks of cash and be at home with their babies. The scheme is called Porse - one parent to four children including their own. And already 12,000 people are involved nationwide, with numbers expected to double by next year.

When an English newspaper told celebrity chef Rick Stein they would fund a trip to the restaurant of his choice, anywhere in the world, he choose to visit Fleur's Place at Moeraki, North Otago. Restaurateur Fleur Sullivan's reputation is so good she has never had to advertise.  Her place is a little off the beaten track, but if you want a feed at Fleur's - it's still best to book ahead. Jendy Harper drew the long straw for this assignment - a cook's tour of Moeraki.