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Anna Chancellor (Juliet Shaw)
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Newcomer Juliet Shaw is fast track: a spy who has risen fast and is returning to the UK to take on the mantle of National Security Coordinator after several years spent cultivating the CIA in Washington.

Ruthless, ambitious, driven and single-minded, she's scared of no one and shell say the things that other people are only thinking.

She knows its a tough world, and theres no room for sentiment. Brilliant at achieving her goals, she'll tread on anybody who gets in her way.

Her relationship with Harry is laced with mutual admiration and enjoyment of the game of getting one over on each other, as well as the memory of their past affair. And then there's the famous unblinking stare...

"Juliet is a powerful woman who has no cracks," says Anna. "She's very driven and ambitious; unyielding. I am a counterpart, or the opposition, to Harry and the whole team.

"Ultimately she carries the power, because she represents the Government. Sometimes she softens, though. And then of course there's her past with Harry.

"She's one of those women you cant say no to, once shes set her sights on someoneĀ - and she marked Harry.

"Maybe he couldnt quite control himself and she turned up with a whip!

"More likely, though, she did it for political reasons so that she would have one over on him when she wanted to use him.

"But she doesn't in fact blackmail him with a personal thingĀ - instead she does it using a mistake that he made at work which he covered up. So he has to put in a good word for her.

"Her allegiance is to the Government; she has to answer to them, so although ultimately if anything bad happened she would stand up for Harry, she pushes him in quite an extreme way.

"He stands for integrity and she stands for Government orders. She comes over as a ruthless, complex character; whos prepared to take a politician at face value, after all?"

Well-known for her role in one of the UKs most successful films, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Annas theatre work includes her Olivier award-nominated performance in Stanley, both in the West End and in New York; Faithless; King Lear and Boston Marriage.

Previous television appearances include Pride and Prejudice and Tipping the Velvet.

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