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YouTube lonely girl exposed

Published: 7:59PM Thursday September 14, 2006 Source: One News

A young woman who called herself Lonely Girl 15 on the internet site youtube.com has been revealed as an aspiring New Zealand actress now living in Los Angeles.

Her online persona enthralled an audience of millions - many of them believing that she was a home schooled American teenager.

She is known as Bree, a teenage girl in small town America, and for three months her video diary on internet site YouTube has been compulsive viewing for millions.

But while some fans believed in her teenage angst, sceptics thought she was a fake, and in the last few days they have been proved right.

Bree is actually 19-year-old Jessica Rose from Mount Maunganui. And while the revelation could be her big break, the truth has turned some viewers off.
"I was actually genuinely quite disappointed because, I don't know, I found her quite entertaining," says one youtube audience member.

The daily soap opera was the work of three wannabe scriptwriters.

"Our intent from the very beginning of this was to tell a very realistic fictional story," says Lonely Girl creator Miles Beckett.

They writers are moving Lonely Girl to her own website where the saga will continue but it remains to be seen whether Rose can make a career from this or whether she has used up her 15 megabytes of fame.