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Where there's a Will, there's a way

Published: 7:16PM Sunday December 02, 2007 Source: ONE News

A month ago most New Zealanders probably hadn't heard of Will Martin - a young singer who has spent the last five weeks trying to conquer the New Zealand music market.

But his first album went gold in a week - 10,000 copies have now been sold and he's now leaving for Europe determined to conquer the world.

Like many heading overseas, Martin made sure he snuck in a couple of Kiwi luxuries as he packed for his big OE, including L&P still cold.

It's an essential refreshment after a whirlwind five weeks since the launch of his first album.

"It's been incredible - I've met people within the industry, I've met other artists, I've sung around about the place," says Martin.

"It's an incredible opportunity just to get my voice out there - all over the world. I can't wait," says the young singer.

The publicity has been part of a dream come true for Martin.

"If I hadn't dreamed of one day working in the UK, of travelling the world as a singer, then I might not be doing it," he says.

Before leaving Martin paid a quick visit to his old prep school in Auckland, telling others at assembly: "It's about setting your goal, realising a dream and if you want to do something then just do it."

It's the word dream that keeps springing up in Martin's journey and it started to come true when he sent a demo to the big guns in London, which landed him a $3 million, five-album deal with Universal.

"The music you get and the way he looks; the way he performs on stage, as well, is incredibly engaging and I think it's a compelling marketing package," says Tom Lewis from Universal Music.

"It might all go really pear-shaped. I might be chatting to you in a couple of months saying what went wrong but I'm going do my very best," Martin says who is now London bound.

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