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Mums want formula pulled from shelves

Published: 6:29PM Wednesday July 18, 2007 Source: One News

Two Canterbury mothers who first raised concerns about an additive in a baby milk formula are calling for Karicare Gold Plus to be pulled from supermarket shelves.

Helen Stanley and Megan Bonny became concerned when their babies suffered from acute diahorrea.

"Diahorrea at every single nappy at that age...something has to be wrong, you then have to worry about hydration," says Stanley.

Both children attend the same pre-school and Bonny said her daughter was on the verge of "just about ending up in hospital".

She took her daughter off the formula and said the results were instant. "As soon as I took her off it she was fine a day later."

Stanley then took Alex off Nutricia's Karicare Gold Plus and within 48 hours he was back to normal.

Both mums rang the Nutricia helpline and were told the formula had a new ingredient and it could take babies a month to get used to.  

"We actually have a label that says you should expect this will move to more like a breast fed baby with a softer stool, more frequent stools," says spokeswoman Toni Brendish.

But New Zealand's Food Safety Authority is warning parents to wean children off the product, saying the ingredient fos or inulin, often added to food products for fibre, is not approved for use in New Zealand in infant formula. It says it can't take it off the shelves because there is not enough evidence it causes harm but it has asked the manufacturer to withdraw it.

"I think New Zealand just needs to get a bit more gutsy and say no, the product should be removed...I'm hoping more mums will come out of the woodwork after this and put their hand up and say yes this has happened to us," says Stanley.

However Nutricia claims the product is safe and says it will be going to the high court to prove it.

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