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Tuesday June 3, 2008

Published: 11:59PM Monday June 02, 2008

Child Poverty Action Group
Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) is challenging government policy at Human Rights Review Tribunal today. The group is alleging the In-Work Tax Credit, part of a package of family assistance policies called Working for Families Tax Credits, discriminates against many of New Zealand's poorest children. The challenge is the first of its kind. Breakfast spoke to CPAG researcher Donna Wynd about the legal case.

PM on Breakfast
Prime Minister Helen Clark spoke to Breakfast about the latest political polls.

The $21 grocery challenge
Jackie Gower from simple saving website , also known as Penny Wise - a weekly columnist from That's Life! magazine  - is setting NZ families a challenge to spend only $21 on their grocery bill for a week. She says it can be done so Breakfast found out how.

Fran reviews Summer at Eureka
Francesca Rudkin reviewed Pete Murray's Summer at Eureka

Gardening Guru
Breakfast's Gardening Guru show's us how to ensure your fruit and vege's are pesticide free with organic gardening.

US news
US Correspondent Tim Wilson updated Breakfast on a potentially life-saving operation on Senator Ted Kennedy, the latest twists in the presidential race, the impact of the Universal Studios fire and how Americans celebrated the opening of the Sex and the City movie.


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