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Tuesday January 22 - Sir Ed special

Published: 8:13AM Tuesday January 22, 2008

Sir Edmund Hillary commemoration show...

Norman Hardie- life long friend of Sir Ed
Norman Hardie accompanied Hillary on three major expeditions and also counts himself a long-time friend of Sir Edmund Hilary.

Advice on how best to be a part of Sir Edmund's funeral
Rachael Dacy, from the Auckland City Council, and Inspector Derek Davison, from the New Zealand Police, explained how best to reach the areas where the public can commemorate the passing of Sir Edmund Hillary.

Outdoorsman's perspective on Sir Edmund
Adventurer Graeme Dingle giving an outdoorsman's perspective on Sir Edmund Hillary's achievements.

Travel writer Jan Morris - her memories of Sir Edmund
Travel writer and former Everest expedition journalist, Jan Morris, gave her memories of Sir Edmund Hillary.

Holy Trinity Cathedral and St Mary's Church in the Spotlight
The spotlight is on the Holy Trinity Cathedral and St Mary's today for the State funeral of Sir Edmund Hillary, Breakfast spoke to Church spokesman Jayson Rhodes.

Ang Rita of the Himalayan Trust
Breakfast spoke to Ang Rita from the Himalayan Trust; he has described Sir Ed as his second father and has come all the way from Nepal to be at Sir Ed's state funeral.

US Correspondent Tim Wilson on Hillary Clinton and her connection with Sir Edmund
US Correspondent Tim Wilson spoke to Pippa about Hillary Clinton telling Sir Edmund Hillary she was named in his honour.

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