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Tandem team takes bronze

By By Suzanne Burgess

Published: 8:36PM Friday September 12, 2008 Source: ONE Sport

The New Zealand tandem cycling pair of Jayne Parsons and pilot Annaliisa Farrell have taken out the bronze medal in the women's time trial.

Parsons, a visually impaired cyclist, and Farrell completed the course in 38 minutes, 40.40 seconds in the B/VI 24.8km event on Friday night.

First and second were closely contested with Whitsell and Woodring of the United States just edging out Fiadotava and Dradova of Belarus by less than a second.

The heat was a factor with Parsons saying "it was very hot and it just seemed to get hotter and hotter...but we put everything into it and got it."

The Kiwi pair came fifth in their earlier event, a 1km time trial on the track, and were delighted to be in the medals. Straight after the race Farrell said "we are absolutely over the moon, we are was great."

Earlier on Friday Annemarie Donaldson came eighth in the HCB 12.7km road time trial. She recorded a time of 32:13.21 with the event being won by Rachael Morris of Great Britain.

Fellow Kiwi Fiona Southorn, who came ninth and eight in her track events, improved to seventh in the LC1 road time trial on Friday night. The gold medal was claimed by Sarah Storey as Great Britain contines to dominate in cycling.