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Shock Treatment

Saturdays at 12pm | TV2

About The Show

This show is now off-air.

About the show

For 12 well-known New Zealanders, this seemed like their dream assignment: a chance to host an episode of a new TV2 travel series called Amazing Journeys. 

To take on the job, they had to accept that all details of their trip would be kept secret from them - they would not know where they were going or what they were doing. 

They'd have to take a chance on the adventure of a lifetime and wait until they got to the airport to find out their destination.

What they didn't expect was to find out, when they got to the airport, that they weren't even going alone, they had a co-host along for the ride, like it or not. And some did not!

But it's not until the pairs reach their mystery foreign destination that they find out this is where the traveling stops because a note in their shared rooms explains that they are actually in for a 'shock treatment'. 

They are challenged to take on an extreme one-week course - six very extreme and very different ways to detoxify your mind and your body in six foreign lands.