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Roger Walker

Roger Walker was the kid you wanted to hate at school, the know-it-all, the over achiever, the one who had all the answers. But as much as you wanted to despise him, you just couldn't do it, it seems he was just too likeable, and he could draw.

After tinkering with the idea of becoming a car designer Roger realised it was a committee job and decided instead to become an architect.  Roger Walker houses and commercial designs are architectural icons and he is one of New Zealand's most respected and innovative architects, having built up an incredible portfolio over 30 years of work.

A veritable fountain of motoring knowledge, Roger subscribes to virtually every car magazine in existence and is the only known airmail subscriber to the Waikato Times motoring section. A regular at Grand Prix events worldwide Roger Walker is the personification of the term "enthusiast".

With a fair dose of petrol in his veins Roger currently admits to owning a Honda Beat, Renault 4x4,  Ferrari (red naturally),  Ford XR6 Turbo Ute and a Smart Car. There isn't much out there that Roger hasn't owned, or at least driven.