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Peters' popularity wanes in latest poll

Published: 6:49PM Sunday August 10, 2008 Source: ONE News

A ONE News Colmar Brunton snap poll shows Winston Peters getting a hiding from a national party newcomer in his old stomping ground of Tauranga.

He is nearly half the age of his rival Peters but according to a new poll he has nearly twice the support.

The snap poll taken this week shows that National's Simon Bridges is on 48%, Peters well behind on 28% and Labour's Anne Pankhurst is in third place on 15%.

Nearly 520 people took part and the result has a margin of error of just over 4%.

The results come as Peters refuses to answer questions about secret donations from wealthy businessmen and on the streets of Tauranga the saga appears to have hurt him.

"He can't really give a straight answer, so what is he telling the truth on," says a local.

In turn, Bridges is desperately trying to stay on message.

"I think people want more dignity from their politicians in general. I think we've seen a lot of side shows in parliament and I come here to offer a bit of dignity and talk about the issues not personality politics," says Bridges.

And without Tauranga or 5% of the party vote the race could be well over for Peters.