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Jim Mora

Popular host Jim Mora has been with the Mucking In team since it first began in 2000. He came to prominence in the late 80s as one of the key reporters for the Holmes show. Since then he's been involved in a variety of programmes, hosting the "Where Are They Now?" and "New Zild" specials, among other shows.

He was the narrator of the Tux Wonderdogs show, and TV series such as Kids Hospital, Middlemore and Police.  He has also written many TV shows including some of the Documentary New Zealand series.

Jim currently hosts "Afternoons" on Radio New Zealand National. Over the years he has won Qantas media awards for his work as a columnist in Metro Magazine and the Sunday Star-Times, and for his television reporting and writing.

Jim has also written four children's books, with more to come.

This year saw the launch of the cartoon series he created with animator Brent Chambers, "Staines Down Drains", which is screening on TV2. SDD has sold to a number of countries, including the U.S.A., Australia, Germany and France.

Originally a South Islander, Jim now lives in Auckland with his partner, former "Good Morning" host Mary Lambie and their children - Grace, Elizabeth and Jack.