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Tuesday February 27

Assume the brace position! We're mile-high on Good Morning today with drag queen Buckwheat. She's along to tell us all about Air New Zealand's 'Pink Flight' to the Sydney Mardi Gras this Friday so stay tuned - you could win return seats for two!

Barbershop sensations The Musical Island Boys are back from the States and in the studio to croon for us.

Dr Susanna Kent diagnoses Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and explains the symptoms and causes of "mallet finger". (See our fact-sheet here).

Would you rather order room service or take-away than eat dinner in a restaurant alone? Restaurateur Mike Egan wants us to give it a try, and has tips to make it a pleasurable experience.

Buckwheat will whiz up a non-alcoholic pink cocktail, inspired by the all-pink menu on board the 'Flight of the Fairies'.

Fifi Colston returns with her crafts tool-kit to create gorgeous paper pods and leaves that you can make with your kids (get the instructions here).

Radio DJ and rock aficionado Phil O'Brien reveals how to control a party using music - it's one thing getting everyone up on the dance floor, but what about getting everyone to go home?

"Big, bold and beautiful" plus-size exercise instructor Janeen Nowicki will demonstrate the routines from her ever-popular fitness classes. Viewers can get a timetable if they send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Janeen at; Big, Bold and Beautiful, PO Box 14531, Kilbirnie, Wellington.

Book reviewer Kate de Goldi returns with a variety of new titles - "Dreamquake" by Elizabeth Knox, "The Man with No Arms and Other Stories" by Glenn Busch and Hanne Johnsen and "No! I Don't Want to Join a Book Club!" by Virginia Ironside.

Brendon goes back into the bush with "Lady Hunter" Emma Lange, who models a selection of bush-perfect outfits and explains how to be chic, yet stay safe, in the wilderness.

Is your partner clingy and co-dependent? Our weekly psychologist John Aiken is here to help.

We enter the parallel world of science fiction and fantasy novels with a lively panel including a published writer of historical fantasy, the President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand, and a retailer of sci-fi books.

Anna Greaves brings along some of the historical wallpapers in the Te Papa collection and reveals what our choices of wallpaper reveals about us and our history.

Writers Viv Beck and Karin Kos return after launching their career handbook 'Julia Makes Her Move'. They have practical tips for job-seekers and describe the lay-out of the perfect CV.