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Porn domain decision under fire

Published: 8:22AM Thursday June 22, 2006 Source: One News

A New Zealand internet safety group is set to take on the worldwide authority on domain names over the scrapping of the controversial .xxx plan.

It was meant to clean up the net by signposting pornography sites, but Internet New Zealand says the US government pressured the independent ICANN organisation to drop the domain.

David Farrar from Internet New Zealand says a lot of countries are upset about the decision, because ICANN has become unpredictable

"They had actually granted this to go ahead and then reversed their decision...if they'd never said yes in the first place people would say, well that's a judgement call, but people are very concerned that this means other decisions may now backed down under pressure," says Farrar.

Internet New Zealand says the controversy also raises questions about who controls the internet.

Internet New Zealand is to raise concerns about the failed bid for an internet red light zone with ICANN at a meeting in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh on Friday.