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Fishermen pull up anchor and body

Published: 4:00PM Tuesday July 05, 2005 Source: RNZ

Police are searching Auckland's Manukau Harbour after two fishermen "freaked out" when they found a woman's body attached to their anchor.

Steven Christian was out fishing with his 10-year-old son and a friend on Sunday afternoon in Waikowhai Bay when they made the grisly discovery.

"Attached to the anchor was what looked like to be a couple of rocks, but the middle one wasn't a rock - it was a head," Christian said.  

The body, which was wrapped in a cargo net and weighed down with rocks, got caught up on their boat's anchor.

The startled men wanted to shield the 10-year-old from the sight so they dislodged the body from the anchor sending it back to the sea floor.

Christian said the body was female with long black hair. He said it did not look like the body had been in the water for very long.

Police are hoping the body hasn't been swept out to sea. Divers will continue to search the harbour and may launch a homicide inquiry once the body has been examined.