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One voter in 10 wants to quit NZ

Published: 3:18PM Saturday April 26, 2008 Source: Newstalk ZB

A new poll conducted shows one voter in 10 is thinking about quitting the country.

The Fairfax survey suggests people are fed up with high interest rates, worried about the housing market, and want better wages.

The new poll numbers show the government simply cannot afford to ignore the numbers, especially during an election year.

The brain drain across the Tasman is set to be a challenge every New Zealand government of the future will have to face.

It could lead the government to be forced into policy decisions it might prefer not to make, if it's to stop the growing brain drain to Australia.

Some say the reason for the increase in people wanting to leave the country is because of the state of the New Zealand society.

Kiwis say New Zealand is no longer the safe and happy country they grew up in and many are fed up with being told how to run their lives, and not enough attention going on law and order and controlling crime.