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Exporters to benefit from trade deal

Published: 6:45PM Friday April 04, 2008 Source: ONE News

The new free trade deal New Zealand is signing with China will bring economic benefits to New Zealand, though human rights groups have concerns.

The tariffs or taxes on New Zealand's imports to China will be completely eliminated, although it will take some time.

At the moment, New Zealand exports attract a tariff of between 10% and 20% and on agricultural goods about 15%.

But due to the free trade agreement, they will be phased out so that there are no tariffs at all by 2020.

Some sectors will have their tariffs removed earlier than others, with Agriculture being the very last sector to have its tariffs removed.

But the agreement will of course also benefit China as it will give Chinese manufacturers a quicker access to New Zealand markets and will make it easier for Chinese labourers to come over to New Zealand to work in the country.

This revelation is of course concerning to the unions in New Zealand who fear an influx of Chinese workers will hurt the Kiwi labourer.