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Thousands watch Boobs on Bikes

Published: 6:17PM Wednesday August 22, 2007 Source: ONE News

Numbers fell well short of last year, but thousands of people still turned out in central Auckland for the Boobs on Bikes parade on Wednesday,  in spite of Mayor Dick Hubbard labelling it a "repugnant" event.

The scenes of women baring breasts in the city centre certainly drew the crowds and stoked the controversy over the parade.

"It's Auckland's day of shame...It's totally inappropriate. I would very much like to stop it," Hubbard sais last year before being advised not to block this year's permit.

"If we tried to stop it... well, firstly we'd maybe pick up 10 or 15 legitimate parades in the net. Secondly, we may be subject to a legal challenge, says Hubbard"

That challenge would likely come from Steve Crow - the parade's founder, mayoral candidate and potentially Hubbard's nemesis.

"This is the last Boobs on Bikes as such," says Crow. "Next year it's going to be mardi gras... we're going to incorporate the Hero parade, the drag queens and make it a full-on celebration of all adult lifestyles."

Some people in the crowd expressed support for the parade

"In our world we're trying to be free so I don't think we should be judging anybody," said one.

While those who disapproved mainly stayed away, there were some finger-waggers - and egg-throwers - who possibly viewed the parade as obscene.

The police though, had their own definitions.

"Obscene exposure only applies to the genitals," says Inspector Rob Abbott, Central Area Commander. "When we talk about indecent exposure that takes into account behaviour and appearance depending on the time and place."