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Iraq attacks hit new high

Published: 3:53PM Saturday July 21, 2007 Source: Reuters

The average number of daily attacks in Iraq hit a new high in June, as the final US troop deployments for President George Bush's "surge" strategy arrived in the country.

Attack statistics obtained by Reuters from the Defense Department showed a June average of 177.8 attacks per day on coalition and Iraqi forces, civilians and infrastructure.

That surpassed a previous daily peak of 176.5 attacks in October 2006 and made June's daily total the highest since Bush declared major combat operations at an end in May 2003.

Total attacks in June were lower than those recorded in May and in October 2006. But because June has only 30 days, the daily average was higher than those of previous months.

Following are tables of monthly attack statistics for October 2006 and the first six months of 2007.

The data includes raw figures provided by the Defense Department and analysed by Reuters.