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Kiwi finds way to fight global warming

Published: 8:44AM Friday March 02, 2007 Source: One News/Newstalk ZB

After 15 years of research an Auckland scientist believes he has found a way to deal with global warming.

Graeme Brown has invented a substance which can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The substance, dubbed Planetite, is derived from the naturally occurring mineral crystal Zeolite.

Brown says Planetite can absorb carbon dioxide and separate the molecule into carbon and oxygen which can be re-used.

He is submitting his project into a competition organised by Richard Branson.

The winning proposal is given around $28 million to enable field trials.

Meanwhile one of the world's biggest research programmes of the past 50 years has been launched in Paris.

International Polar Year is a $2 billion study that is expected to focus on the impact of global warming which for the first time is clearly visible at both poles.

Researchers from more than 60 countries, including New Zealand, will also look at everything from the effect of solar radiation on the polar atmosphere to the exotic marine life swimming below the ice.