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National and Act scrap over billboard

Published: 7:04AM Wednesday August 10, 2005 Source: RNZ/One News

The National Party has complained to the Chief Electoral Office about an Act party billboard which it says is deliberately confusing and misrepresents National's position.

Act has put up nine billboards telling people to vote National with their electorate vote, but promoting Act for the party vote, which largely determines how many MPs a party has in parliament.

The billboards use the National logo on one side underneath the words "electorate vote." On the other side it has a picture of the Act leader Rodney Hide, with the words "party vote."

National's general manager Steven Joyce says the billboard is designed to look like it comes from National, but its message runs counter to the party's strategy. He says it is the party vote that National is focused on as that decides the overall makeup of parliament.

But Hide says all the billboard does is explain MMP and that it is no more misleading than National using pictures of Helen Clark.

He says his advice is that the billboard fits within the law.

National has complained to the Chief Electoral Office over the billboards.