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Cheese for chocolate lovers

Published: 7:20PM Thursday July 28, 2005 Source: AAP

Dairy company Fonterra has discovered a novel way to sell cheese in Asia - a region not known for its love of dairy products.

Just add chocolate.

Chesdale chocolate cheese slices have captured 10% of the cheese market in Taiwan just six months after the product's release.

Its success has delivered $1 million in revenue for Fonterra.

The plastic-wrapped brown-coloured slices were winning converts to dairy products in a market where cheese is traditionally shunned, Fonterra Brands Taiwan's managing director Roger Boyd said.

Following its success, the chocolate cheese is likely to be released in Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia.

Boyd said the cheese had "a mild chocolate flavour, matched to a light Cadbury flavour - we backed off a little from Nutella".

He said Fonterra had plans to add other flavours to cheese but would not say what they were.