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Greens to back emissions scheme

Published: 12:31PM Tuesday August 26, 2008 Source: ONE News

The controversial emissions trading legislation designed to tackle climate change has won the backing of the Greens.
But Labour hasn't quite got the numbers yet because New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is keeping them guessing.

Despite the closed door discussions the Greens support for the Emissions Trading Scheme was inevitable.

"We have decided that it is better to make a start than to do nothing," says Jeanette Fitzsimons, Greens co-leader.

The Greens have won concessions. One billion dollars will be available to help insulate homes although the sum is over 15 years and is mainly aimed at low and middle income earners.
"There's no reason why this money shouldn't be enough that every home in the country that is substandard gets some help depending on the income of the household," says Fitzsimons.
An upfront cash package will also be made to help people with their power bills although details have not been released yet.
For the Climate Change Bill to pass, New Zealand First's support is also needed. And true to form they're keeping you guessing. 

"We've got work to do still," says Peters.

Prime Minister Helen Clark says Labour is expecting to hear from NZ First "in the not too distant future".

Sometime this week New Zealand First is expected to support this major piece of legislation that will eventually force businesses to reduce pollution or face penalty costs and force consumers to pay more for petrol and power or find alternatives.  
National wants a better balance between economic and environmental goals.

"If the ETS passes before the election and National becomes the government we will be changing the ETS to reflect our principles," says John key, National leader.

The Greens did not hold out out on principle this time.

"If I was an autocratic ruler of the whole world I wouldn't have gone about it this way," says Fitzsimons.

She's anything but the ruler of the planet but feels she has now done just a little bit more to help save it.