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Females get the nod in Denmark

Published: 10:06AM Saturday June 03, 2006 Source: AAP

The Danish parliament has unanimously voted in favour of a new royal succession law that would allow a first-born child to one day ascend the throne regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl.

Before entering into force the bill must also be voted through the next parliament, which should be elected in general elections to be held in less than four years, before finally being submitted to a referendum.

At least 40% of registered voters must be in favour of the law change for it to be adopted.

The issue rose in importance last year when Crown Prince Fredrik and his Australian-born wife Mary were expecting their first child and the gender was still unknown. The princess gave birth in October to a son, Christian.

Under the current law, if their first child had been a girl she would have been forced to cede the throne to the couple's first-born boy.