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Young buskers offered contracts

Published: 8:35PM Wednesday January 10, 2007 Source: One News/Newstalk ZB

The two boys who opened for Hollywood star Jack Black's band on Tuesday night may already have a recording contract in their sights.

The boys performed a set for Tenacious D in Christchurch, and now an Auckland based businessman is offering to give the boys a free recording.

"I'd like to do one really good single for them, and see if we can't get them launched into a career," Ian Stone says.

Alex Philpot, 10, and Max Tetley, 11, were discovered by Black while busking in Christchurch on Monday.  Philpot says their rendition of Along The Watchtower went down very well with the 2,000-strong crowd.

He says he had initially planned to be a pilot but he is definitely becoming a rock star now.

The one-off Christchurch gig has attracted lot of attention. 

"They've had three offers - from recording contracts to the Big Day Out, and we understand that they're going out on three channels in America.  So they've suddenly become a world wide sensation," Alex's father Kevin says.

But the boys' parents say they will just wait and see if any offers turn into contracts.