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Big money offered to NZ bands

Published: 9:14PM Tuesday February 21, 2006 Source: One News

With New Zealand music well and truly dominating the local charts, big money has now been offered to help local bands crack the international scene.

The government funded programme Outward Sound is offering more than $150,000 in its first round of grants, giving Kiwi musicians a foot up on to the international stage.

"Outward Sound is basically to take export-ready bands into the global marketplace to assist them to get overseas ... to extend their business," said NZ Music Commission spokesperson Gary Fortune.

The biggest chunk of around $60,000 is going to Breaks Co-op - perfect timing for the band who are soon relocating to the UK.

"We were going anyway but it would have been financially crippling for the core members of the band. It would have meant that any money that we've made to date would have evaporated within the space of a month," said band member Hamish Clark.

The grants cover a range of expenses, including marketing and promotion for bands in the UK, USA and Europe, where Concord Dawn are heading with their $30,000 grant.

Last year a local song was the most played song on New Zealand radio, and 2006 began with a Kiwi album at the top of the charts.
Now these sounds will be discovered by the rest of the world, but Kiwi fans will live in hope that they'll eventually be brought back home.

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