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"Bitches" billboard gets pulled

Published: 8:14PM Friday September 09, 2005 Source: One News

After just one day a billboard in Auckland will be taken down following a raft of complaints from the public.
The ad campaign for the Auto Trader website was meant to poke fun at Auckland drivers with the slogan: "We've got rides for dirty bitches." The billboard features two dogs looking out of a car window.
But it's the word "bitch" that's offending some people. One person who complained to the Advertising Standards Authority is Jan Hutchinson who said the billboard is highly visible. "It's about context and the context was wrong... I think it was bagging women slightly."

The magazine's publisher ACP said it wasn't meant to cause offence but was merely a play on Auckland's love affair with 4WDs and small dogs.

According to language guru Max Cryer "bitch" has two meanings - where one refers to dogs and the other doesn't and the context in which the words are used makes the meanings clear. 

"If you said I went to a dog show and my bitch won first prize, no probs. But if these people think they're going to fool us into thinking they're talking about dogs, they're lying."

Whatever its meaning the billboard is being voluntarily pulled down.