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Brash warns of momentous choice

Published: 3:44PM Sunday August 21, 2005 Source: RNZ/TVNZ Interactive

National Party leader Don Brash has told about 1000 supporters attending his party's campaign launch in Auckland, that the country faces a momentous choice come election day.

"On 17 September, New Zealanders will confront some stark choices. Two very different policy programmes, driven by two very different sets of values, and two very different styles of politics, will be on offer," Brash said.

He said it will be a momentous choice for the country.

Brash said lower taxes and better incentives are the key to re-igniting the spirit of enterprise required if New Zealand is once again to be a land of opportunity.

"National's vision is for a country with living standards at least equal to those in Australia, where every child gets the best education of which they are capable, where those who need help from the government get it but those who don't need it stand on their own two feet, and where eliminating crime is taken seriously and every person is equal under the law."

Brash also highlighted a number of areas in which he said the Labour-led government had let the country down, including education, immigration and Helen Clark's own role in the motorcade controversy.

National's long awaited tax policy will be released on Monday.