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Jolie goes to collect Ethiopian baby

Published: 1:02PM Friday July 08, 2005 Source: APP

Hollywood actor Angelina Jolie flew into Ethiopia today to pick up an orphaned Ethiopian infant she has adopted to join her family along with her three-year-old Cambodian son, officials said.
Jolie and her rumoured paramour, heart-throb Brad Pitt, arrived in the Ethiopian capital after the actress secured the necessary approval to adopt the baby girl last week, an official involved in the process said.
"They are here, they arrived today," the official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

"Angelina has come to collect the baby."
The official could not say exactly when Jolie and Pitt would collect the child or when they might leave Ethiopia but earlier, two officials confirmed that the adoption had been approved by Ethiopian authorities.
Dr Bulti Gutema, the chief of the children and family affairs department at Ethiopia's social affairs ministry and Hadosh Halefom, an official with the adoption agency concerned, said Jolie had been accepted as an adoptive mother.
Both said Jolie had completed the necessary paperwork last week when she and Pitt, who travelled to Ethiopia in April to visit HIV/AIDS projects, visited Addis Ababa.
 "We in the ministry had no idea who Angelina Jolie was when we granted the adoption permit," said Bult.

"The documents indicated that her marital status was divorced and she was the only person who signed them."
The adoption was first reported by the online edition of the US celebrity magazine People which said the child was an AIDS orphan and quoted Jolie as saying she and son Maddox were "very happy to have a new addition to our family".
The 30-year-old Jolie told the magazine that her new daughter's name is Zahara Marley Jolie.