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Motorway Patrol

Tuesdays at 7.30pm | TV2

About Motorway Patrol

About Motorway Patrol

One of New Zealand's favourite shows, Motorway Patrol, is gearing up for a return to our screens this month.

The 12th Series is packed with another round of top-notch action, entertainment and comedy featuring an abundance of: sleeping drivers, overloaded vehicles, motorway pedestrians, not to mention runaway dogs and even more outlandish excuses.

And this year the Motorway Team have access to never-seen-before CCTV footage from motorway cameras, capturing taggers, speeders and fighters in action.

'The ATOMS footage is fantastic, we can now see members of the public behaving in ways you would not believe. We've got some incredible sights in store for this series - it brings a whole new exciting dimension to the show', explains MOTORWAY Producer, Kate Fraser.

Like the series that have gone before, Series 12 is jammed with motorway mayhem and a diverse mix of drama, madness and some classic 'kiwi' moments as our Constables wrangle the daily dramas of motorway policing with their unique blend of stoicism and humour.

Do you think you're a safe driver? Check out these tips from the boys in blue for securing a safe journey:

  • Have a map in your car. At night, plan your route to avoid having to stop.
  • Carry a torch in your car
  • Avoid parking in isolated areas
  • When walking to your car, keep your keys in your hand for quick access

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